Give love a chance.

Earlier this morning, I was listening to Bob Dylan’s “My Back Pages” and caught myself amazed at a particular line:

“Ah, but I was so much older then
I’m younger than that now”

It reminded of the wisdom in being young and untainted. I suddenly recalled all my early life from 2-12 years where I lived without any darn worry about political, racial or religious stances.

Back then, I only experienced two sides of everything which I believe you might relate with from your own early years: Love & the lack of it. (hatred was a later years emotion!)

If you live like kids, life is simple. Over the years, we tend to impose and accumulate complexity in the name of learning more about life and eventually get trapped in the maze of identities and labels.

When I was young, I didn’t know much difference between a Hindu and a Christian. I was just playing with kids from all backgrounds. Obviously, I didn't even hear about the Republicans and Democrats. I didn’t care to figure out whether any one race is superior to the other.  

I just knew love. Not through words but by actually living and experiencing it. I saw the little (but hard!) sacrifices my mom was making to show love for her kids. Something in me pushed me to reciprocate. Love is a life force like no other which causes us to genuinely replicate what others are showing to us. This extended to friends and neighbors.

I knew the lack of love, but not hatred. I didn’t intentionally seek to hurt or harm anyone when I was not shown love. I just felt it and moved on to another experience. I just wanted to live and be happy in the moment.

Now that I am older, I figured so many ways by which I can make money and live a happy (and content!) life. A simple life with happiness is not a variable of the complex politics. It’s a variable of inner peace and the meaning you give to your work. That no one can steal from you at all. 

Nelson Mandela was unfairly jailed yet he kept his focus on doing meaningful work and living a fulfilling life reading books. He chose dignity over darkness for 27 years and today his story stands as a shining example of how to live.

Most of us aren’t ever going to be jailed. We won't even be prosecuted or unfairly treated at our current jobs on the same magnitude of Mr. Mandela. So, there’s no rational reason to fear that someone’s political stance will impact our inner peace and happiness. We don’t need to actively assert our position in that debate constantly and lose focus on the more meaningful aspects of life.

A better debate is whether we are living up to our own self-guiding principles. Give love a chance. Let love live. Forever.