Here's my one big wish as I get into my life's 3rd decade.

Today, I turned 30. 

It's incredible that I made it so far (beating all the odds!) having born in India with regards to how many things could have gone wrong. I'm filled with gratitude as I reflect on how many good people have made good thoughtful decisions for me to get to where I am safely and happily today.

In retrospect, I am glad to have had an unconventional/challenging childhood. Whether I liked it or not at the time, I had to witness a strong dose of the sufferings in life, the lack of fatherly love, lack of strong moral role models, the extreme corruption in the country, the struggles of the common man and very subjugated/oppressed views on freedom and right to live a happy life. Yet the same culture taught me the value of dignity, the long lasting benefits of being a thoughtful polite person, the patience of delayed gratification and the sweet feeling of hard earned victories in life.

All of those in many mysterious ways instilled the conviction in me that helped me find my way to America. To top that, I am extra fortunate since I've been given a wonderful family and a set of incredible friends who have shared life with me together.

Beyond the classic ceremonial things, this birthday I want to dream for something bigger again. Since, I'll be embarking on a new one, I want to set an intention for the entire decade. 

I want my thirties to be the decade of thoughtfulness. #ThoughtfulThirties

I want to be a better man, a better role model, a better leader. Through action and not words. 

I want to choose "inner peace" and "getting lost in things I love" with no place for unhappiness, hatred, disappointment, suffering and even the extremely attractive worldly desires like fame, reputation and unwarranted money.

I want to experience life to the fullest. I want to be present. I want to be authentic. I just want to be.