Thomas Alva Edison wasn’t a creator.

Nor was Bob Dylan. Nor was Steve Jobs. Nor was Henry Ford.

They weren’t creators of any major technology. 

Before even Edison had thought about electric lamps, there were more than 7 scientists working on the same thing. Infact, Edison’s bulb was completely inspired by their designs. But he’s hailed as the change-maker, a innovator and a legend. Why?

Were all the legends just lucky enough to hog the limelight and fame? 

Nope. It turns out they were aware of the fact that they weren’t creating anything new/original. Steve Jobs openly said great artists steal. 

What really separated them from others was that they were “CREATIVE VISIONARIES” and not just “CREATORS”. 

Sure, they didn’t have colossal technology ideas all the time, but they had incredibly powerful stories around those ideas.

What made the Macintosh a huge success was not that the technology was never seen before, but the vision Steve Jobs believed in. Bringing computers into every home. 

Same applies for Ford’s first car. And Edison’s electric bulb. They had remarkable stories around the technologies they developed. Not just ideas.

If you think about it, the technology is always there, even today. What’s rare is a powerful way of applying it creatively.