News: Meet our 1st podcast guest Tami McQueen.

Readers, I've got some great news for you. As part of a new experiment, I want to announce that I'll be launching an interview series on this blog. With these interviews, my hope is to add multiple perspectives to the blog’s narrative by talking to people who have had pretty unique life experiences. I want to bring to you some of the smartest voices on the topics like startups, happiness and the right mindset from around the world. I'll try to ask great questions and extract as many insightful lessons and tips as I can. 

Now, here's where it begins. My 1st guest is going to be Tami McQueen

Short bio: Co-Founder  @ weare31south   | Experience Creator | Board Member  @ thekulaproject  | Social Strategy  @ womenwhocode   |  @ Forbes   Contributor | Former Marketing  @ SalesLoft

Short bio: Co-Founder @weare31south | Experience Creator | Board Member @thekulaproject| Social Strategy @womenwhocode | @Forbes Contributor | Former Marketing @SalesLoft

Tami is an amazing thought leader in the startup ecosystem with a very interesting perspective on marketing. I came to know about her from the unprecedented work she did during her role as the CMO of Salesloft. I share her love for brands, creating meaningful experiences and the love for non-profits. When I first thought of who should I start the series with, I couldn't think of a more interesting and authentic change-maker. 

So later this evening, I'll be sitting down with the incredible Tami for a 1-1 chat at ATV. We'll be talking about her story, her views on marketing and of course startups.

I can't wait to share her story (the full transcript) with you soon but before that I want you to be included too.

What's the 1 question you want me to ask her today?