Friday Freebie

Building an MVP is like running a quick sprint on a land of egg shells. 

For many first time founders, this can be challenging. At least it was for me.

In December 2017, my co-founders and I embarked on a journey to ship our 1st ever MVP together and we set a deadline of 5 weeks to go live. We were building a SaaS web app called ClosingPage.  

Those 35 days were just insanely stressful. It was easily the most challenging (yet exciting too!) period of my time. 

If you are building software with just one designer and developer, you need to be alert to prioritize things constantly all the while not losing your momentum. It seemed like each feature was a mountain that was impossible to ascend in short sprints. We've used extreme agile principles, used a bunch of online startup resources that saved time and cobbled together a basic but delightful product.

We eventually did ship it in 5 weeks and our initial users loved the execution. We've had way more interest beyond our beta users, even on highly popular platforms like Product Hunt. All that hard work was so rewarding.

Earlier this spring, I decided I should write about the top 10 lessons in an e-book so somebody else doesn't have to figure it out all on their own. This book is what I wish I read before building my first MVP.

Today, I wanted to give it out to you for FREE. It's a tiny book so shouldn't take long. Check it out.. pass it on to a friend in your network. I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

Click here.