The stigma around failing/pivoting has to END.

In my brief time dabbling with product startups (2+ yrs), I have noticed an interesting dichotomy between two types of founders. 

The ones who believe failure is shameful and the others who are unaffected by it and pivot to a new destination.

Startups are riddled with uncertainty and assumptions so the odds are stacked against the initial bet. Now this seems absolutely common sense. But somehow gets lost in translation.

Therefore you see two types of founders. 

Ones who refine their initial bet and keep digging further until they discover a unique valuable insight into a market. 

Or the ones who at every turn feel ashamed that they don't have a world changing insight yet. Or that their initial bet was so off the mark. 

The more encouraging the local startup culture is towards shipping and failing the better the entire ecosystem gets. Always remember that startups are learning experiments.