Today marks three months since I started meditating daily.

Earlier this year, in the month of May, I was in the lowest of the lows. I was mentally exhausted after learning that the startup I co-founded didn't show any signs of hitting product-market fit. Most startups fail so it shouldn't have been a big deal but it was my first big SaaS product and the reality check of the outcome weighed heavily on my mind. I felt a sense of tremendous stress and strange self-doubt that no other life event has ever been able to stir up in me. Founder depression is a real thing. 

To make things worse, I wasn't doing great on the personal front as well. The number of mindless arguments at home were high and the mood swings were wild. My best friend and an eternal co-founder in all my endeavors was unfortunately in the same mental state. So we were doomed!

After trying several methods to find my way out, I finally resorted a rather ancient technique. Meditation.

First of all, let me admit that I was initially a skeptic too and thought this was a super lame way of handing stress. I was reminded of all the popular images of monks in robes that we see everywhere with tacky inspiring quotes and believed it was not for me and/or it was not a practical solution.

3 months later, I can fully attest that I could not have been more wrong.

Mindfulness training changed my life. Notice the word training. It's not a magic pill, it's something you have to practice consistently. Anyway, I have been able to make a full U-turn in my life from despair to an un-shakeable optimism and confidence. My life circumstances haven't changed much but the way I see them has changed dramatically. 

If this sounds like a tacky glowing review, please don't fall in the same trap I fell which kept me from not exploring all the beautiful literature out there on this topic. Studies constantly show people who work in extremely stressful jobs can benefit from daily meditation. The largest fund manager Ray freaking Dalio does 20 minute meditations daily. Twice. And calls it his key to success.

If you ever wondered how to calm your inner critic, set positive intentions for the day and always access your inner peace, meditation can be an amazing help. Give it a try!

I am more than happy to share the tips and tools that worked for me in case you need a little guidance. Feel free to reach out.