Happiness is internal vs impact that is external.

Today, I want to switch away from startups to my other favorite topic: Happiness.

I've wrestled with the meaning of that word since my childhood days in India. As I am growing older, my definition is evolving and I'm quite happy about that change. Below is what my latest understanding and I'd love to hear your thoughts too.

Happiness is not a goal. It's a choice. It is totally available every moment. It is an internal state of mind and has to be harnessed through gratitude. It can be activated when you lose the below things:

- Internal negative monologue 

- Specific and strong expectations on others

- Specific expectation on yourself (because of your past success)

- Devaluing the joy in having whatever you have currently 

- Comparison to others

- Anger and other negativity

You need "impact and legacy" which are both external to be a CEO of a major tech company or wildly successful in any chosen field. But you already have the power to access "happiness" until you get there and beyond.