The mindset to survive in a highly uncertain environment.

Starting a startup doesn't even take a day nowadays, thanks to initiatives like Stripe Atlas.

But being ready to survive in a startup environment is not so easy.

Unlike traditional businesses, here the level of uncertainty is incredible. Normally, many people will fold due to this and go back to a regular 9-5 and I don't blame them. 

It's a game not meant for everyone. There is uncertainty everywhere.

You don't know who your customer is going to be.

You don't know what's a must-have problem that he/she wants to pay for.

You don't know whether that market will last for many years or not.

In my experience, the greatest learning began after I dropped the idea that I knew something.

So now I am forced to learn. Every single step in the way.

That mindset applies to life in general but definitely applies more in startups. 

Be a student.