Product Hunt launches Makers.

Courtesy: Product Hunt

Courtesy: Product Hunt

Have you heard about the latest launch from Product Hunt this morning?

It's called Makers where "makers" come together to share and help each other achieve their goals. We've been writing about a similar mission for our new side project "Knot." (And oh, we've hit our 100th early subscriber today, yay!)

I even tweeted about this earlier. I love that Silicon Valley is blazing fast about shipping things!

Anyway, I wanted to take this thought further. Can there be a similar space for other types of startup people? Beyond makers? Beyond a platform for goals?

If anything, Makers from PH further demonstrates that there is a great demand for a unique social platform with like-minded professionals. I believe Linkedin isn't adding much value so startup people are looking elsewhere.

Makers covers web developers, app makers and technologists.

What about marketers, storytellers and designers?

What about business founders, sales-centric hustlers, customer enthusiasts?

These are early thoughts. Open to your feedback and comments.