The loneliness of starting over.

The hardest part about starting a new habit or starting over fresh in a new endeavor is getting over the valley of “I am seeing no demonstrable results!” and still persisting.

Our minds typically default to expecting “proof of success” or “external validation” for a lot of things. We like to see that we lost a couple lbs after a few work outs. We like to see our calf muscles looking toned after a few days on the bike. We like to see paid clients showing up after a few days of sales efforts.

We sort of assume if we were really doing it right, there should be a result. Almost instantaneously.

Yet the really greats will tell you it is never that easy. It takes patience and persistence to survive this valley of disappointment.

Not everything in life gives you instant results (and there by pleasant feelings).

Instead you have to keep pushing using your internal compass and scorecard. If you did your duty sincerely, you’ve won for that moment. If you’ve showed up and completed one simple task for the moment that propels you towards your goal, you have won internally. You have to take these wins and believe you are getting there.

You’ll have to do it with passion, a sense of purpose and intent before success knocks on your door. This journey might seem lonely but it is not. You are with your dreams, your habits, your systems and your identity.