Understanding how I can benefit others.

One of my favorite principles of Buddhism that makes me question everything I do is this:

“cherish others more than self”

It underscores the primary belief among many mindfulness practitioners that we are constantly stuck in the loop of serving this image/perception called “self”. If we are left unguarded, we go to crazy lengths to protect “our flawless image and reputation”. But really, what is it? It is nothing more than a deceiving ego trap because we can spend eternity trying to satisfy the self’s material and social needs and still feel empty inside. Satisfying our needs and desires doesn’t bring us everlasting peace and happiness. It is when we actually add value to others’ lives that we shine the brightest.

Also, the mindset of continuously tending to our impulses and wishes takes us on a roller coaster ride of happiness and sorrows. In stead, a more steady path is the path of inner peace which is not externally dependent. It comes from inverting this evolutionary impulse we all have and by acting to “cherish and serve others more than self”.

Yes, it’s a high spiritual bar and not necessarily an easy challenge but it’s a worthwhile goal.

It boils down to this: “Build meaning in your life by benefiting others and helping them.”

To this extent, I’ve been reflecting this morning on one activity that I already love doing and wondering if I can turn that into something that can benefit others.

The answer became apparent. I love writing daily, weekly and monthly. Any day. Any time. I love writing. I don’t know if I am really good at it but I genuinely enjoy doing it. And I’ve just finished shipping 101 blog posts since June 2018.

In 2019, I want to continue to write more. I hope I was able to connect with you and bring a positive message to your busy afternoons.

Please let me know if there’s more ways my writings can benefit you or others like you in 2019? What could be some effective ways to do that? I love hearing from you and thank you for your readership :)