Go to your audience.

Writing is hard. 

You have to start with a blank page staring at you. 

You sit there with an urge to create something from nothing. You shuffle your posture, your stretch your arms, look around you and seek out inspiration. 

And when you hit up on a new idea/thought and manage to put it in a useful way, all of your effort starts to feel meaningful. 

"Add value" through your content seems to be a simple yet difficult principle to live by. Because most days you are not sure whether something would be valuable to others or not. 

As I sit and reflect today, I think there's another barrier for many creatives (writers, artists and designers alike). It is the distance from the audience. 

Your work has to travel to several audiences to finally reach the right segment and make an impact.

Of course, if writing is your hobby and you don't have a professional help, you will also have to do this job of taking your work to places where audiences are. 

This is where I struggle with personally. I love writing because it is a creative outlet but all my energy and focus just stop there. I don't enjoy the other pieces of blogging like marketing, social and engagement.

But lately, I have been contemplating how this is becoming an excuse/barrier to not try. I want to take small steps and fix that. Writing is one habit I have mastered. But building an audience is a totally different ball game and I suppose requires newer habits/behaviors. I am curious to learn and try in the coming few months.

What are your 2 cents on how to reach bigger audiences? What are some methods you have personally tested/experimented with?