Nobody is an expert but everybody has something to teach.

I’m with you if you hate the tag “expert”. It’s a bit condescending and generally used by self-proclaimed know-it-alls.

But on the opposite side of the spectrum, the tag “expert” stands as a barrier for a lot of really smart people from sharing what they know.

Are you using it as a crutch to not do something? Because if you are, please don’t.

“To teach, is to learn twice.” — Joseph Joubert

There’s so much you can learn by simply choosing to teach. People don’t expect you to be perfect as a teacher, just a few steps ahead.

Remember Frank Abignale from the movie "Catch Me If You Can"? When asked on how he pulled off the role of a professor of sociology at BYU, he said "Wasn't difficult, read one chapter ahead of my students. They never knew the difference."

You don’t have to know everything to add value to someone’s life. Be honest, authentic and admit your limitations but always be teaching.