Life hack: Just do one rep.

As you all already know, I strive to write one blog post every working day (M-F) at 8:30 AM. It’s easily one of my most satisfying habits that I am so glad I cultivated back in July this year.

It may feel like an easy task but really it gets difficult MORE days than you’d imagine to force yourself to write something new.

Right about 8:15 ish, my mind invariably figures out that the upcoming activity is strenuous (I know what a severe tragedy to sit and collect thoughts, right?) and tries to play games.

It shuts down my motivation levels and makes me already tired and exhausted even before I open my laptop. I wonder if that’s your psychological resistance towards doing things that require mindful attention.

Our mind loves to wander and do automatic behaviors doesn’t it? It loves the default mode. The impulses, the reactions more than thoughtful responses.

Anyway, I have been struggling with this “cognitive resistance” since a few days and I found a decent fix for it for now.

As I get closer to my “habit time”, I tell myself, I don’t have to do the entire blog post at one go. “I’ll just do one rep” which is write one complete sentence.

It has proven ridiculously useful to try cheating your mind this way. Once you get it to assist you to finish one sentence, momentum kicks in and suddenly your fingers are typing swiftly and before you know, you are at the end of a nice 300 word blog post. Like this one. Yes, I really used the same hack I’m discussing to finish this post :)

Well, I am curious to try this “just do one rep” in my other habits as well. What do you think? What’s your go-to trick to beat cognitive resistance?