The challenge of a teacher...

…is not to make his students agree with everything he says. But to spark and nurture curiosity in the students’ minds.

Quite often, we underestimate the role a teacher plays in a classroom. Some people even think it’s better to replace teachers with technology.

In my view, a teacher’s touch is the most precious technology in a classroom, and is more valuable and effective than a mere Macbook or an iPad to the students.

Knowledge can be free and the access to it must be free. But the impact of a teacher is not to be under-estimated.

For me, a school is like a startup. Like a training academy. Like a sports team. And if you think like that you will surely agree that the coach is so important.

Some of the best teachers I’ve ever had never read from the notes, or scribbled endlessly on the black board. They unsettled my mind and inspired a magical curiosity about the subject at hand.

And when I was in distress, they put a hand across my shoulder, looked straight in my eye and said, 

“I believe in you.”

One time after class at Vanderbilt, I had a long discussion with my Creative Advertising course professor, Dr Bob Isherwood on how he feels about his job. He exuded so much passion in his response and said in a powerful tone, “If I do my job right, you will never have to take another class in advertising."  He was right. He changed my life in 5 months due to one course and I have been thinking about him lately on how much I owe him. Also it is holiday cards season and he is always one of the very few who come to mind this time of the year:)