No one ever will value your work if...

Imagine you are a professional photographer:

There are 2 billion people walking with a smart phone every day. And if all of them could take pictures as quick as in 10 seconds, how are you going to matter?

Imagine you are a fashion designer:

Everything that I need to learn about the newest design trends and the latest fashion updates are right here on my tablet screen. Now, why should I consider your opinion?

Imagine you are a film-maker:

Youtube shows me that anyone who can afford $200 can make HD videos and edit them to look like Hollywood movies, then why should I care about your work?

The answer really is damn tough. Our generation has produced more photographers/designers/filmmakers than perhaps all of the previous generations combined. But most of them are MEH.

Ease of use has twisted our world in so many bad ways. Now, there’s enormous amount of noise and non-sense around us.

When access to information becomes cheap, what becomes expensive is attention. Make sure you respect that as a creator.

Don’t look for a 100,000 fans or followers, instead focus on the 10 people who are paying you attention. Care for their needs. Write books for them. Give fashion advice for them. Take stunning pictures for them. Only they can become your customers, forget the 100,000 for now. [they are busy looking at other 100 things]

No one ever will value your work if you don’t value their attention on you. That’s not something most people are doing today and that’s exactly why you should do it.