On the internet.

The internet is a magnifying lens of life.

You could use it to zoom in on the scum of the society and be baffled by why humans suck.


You could use it to discover and connect with the few admirable ones that can lift you up.

It took me so many years (a decade!) to really get to understand how to use the internet right. I’ve held an incorrect opinion that you don’t have to do the hard work on the internet and somehow magically you will be connected to every important person because you are “active” online.

Here’s a secret: Nobody cares.

Everyone’s got a busy life and 200 other social notifications to attend to.

But when you do make intentional effort, show empathy and respect to their time but are also diligent in getting together, people will find time for you to take that relationship forward.

Get this: I just got off a Skype video call with a wonderful founder living in Southern Spain right here from Atlanta Tech Village. I never met him in person yet we clicked on several levels on topics of tech startups, mindfulness and living a positive life. Without the internet, there’s no way I would ever have stumbled into his work on Product Hunt.

I had no agenda but wanted to appreciate his work and only catch up and offer if I can be of any help. The session turned into him giving a ton of advice and showing empathy to my new product. How? I am not sure, it’s human nature?

Find someone who you admire in your industry and reach out via Twitter or Linkedin (where ever they are active!) It costs you nothing but decency and politeness but the upside is amazing.

Suddenly, you’ve opened the door that never existed between two humans and established a new path for mutual exchange of ideas and connections.

As Eleanor Roosevelt encouraged, keep your days filled with discussions on what matters most: ideas.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”