Variables you can control matter disproportionately.

Take any new endeavor: developing a fitter body, acquiring a customer base, building a respectable brand.

At the beginning, it sucks. If it’s a skill with any meaning/value to you, it wouldn’t come super easy.

Your mind is searching for a variable that gives it pleasant feelings. Generally, those pleasant feelings come from the sweet success milestones.

But in the early days of a new adventure, nothing is sweet. Only sweat.

All you have is your self-belief. The story you are telling yourself. The narrative that pushes you forward.

Your most important variables are “the reps.” (aka the hard boring unsexy work!)

That’s the only variable that’s fully in your hands.

The results are controlled by many variables — the context, the market, the metabolism and a tiny bit of luck too.

But the thing you can control is how to be persistent and play the long game.

Develop habits that help you focus on the right things.

Be input-obsessed and outcome-agnostic.

Photo by  Kyle Johnson  on  Unsplash