Abundance starts with altering our beliefs.

Too often, we are carried away by the day-to-day minutiae of life and end up with unhealthy fears. One such fear is the fear of NOT HAVING ENOUGH.

If you have spent time dwelling on statements like below, you are in the scarcity trap:

“I’ll never be rich.”
“There’s never enough.”
“I’m not good enough.”
“I’ll never be happy.

The problem is the longer you spend in the scarcity trap, the harder and more permanent these beliefs become in your life.

These are lies you are telling yourself that won’t benefit you.

Instead, flip the switch. Alter your beliefs. Actively try to think in terms of abundance.

You’ll have an abundance of things to be thankful for, right at your fingertips if you choose to.

This will build self-belief.

“Self-belief does not necessarily ensure success, but self-disbelief assuredly spawns failure.” -Albert Bandura, Self-efficacy: The exercise of control, 1997.

We can’t control the outcomes but we certainly can control what we choose to believe.