The subconscious choice of complexity.

I recently came across an elegant quote on Twitter that spoke to me profoundly.

“Complexity is a hidden tax on your energy. - Shane Parrish

How true. Our mind left unguarded defaults to thinking complexity as proxy for sophisticated. It runs around collecting a bunch of crap to add to the pile hoping adding more will result in better quality. It’s a myth and often quite counter-productive.

We have to work hard to arrive at simple.

If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter. — Winston Churchill

Like a musician refining his tracks over and over again, an artist adding subtle brush strokes again and again in the same spot, simplicity requires conscious intent.

In a world of infinite supply where everyone is seeking to get people’s attention, it pays in the long run to be simple and authentic.

Examples: The original iPhone. The original Google home page.

The choice of simplicity is always better than passing on the tax of complexity to your viewer.