Doing > Dwelling

When you have a deep desire to create something (a startup, an art project, a book), it’s easy to be stuck forever in the planning rabbit hole. The analysis paralysis.

Ask me because that’s what I have been struggling with all my previous product ideas.

I would spend days and weeks debating whether an idea was worth it or not without taking action. But recently I strongly decided, I would become a maker. Even if it meant shipping bad or average web products because I wanted to value doing more than dwelling.

Cut to last week, I had an idea for a simple tool and unlike all the previous instances where I delayed taking action, this time I figured I’ll just build it myself. I’m not a software developer (just a product nerd!) but I am aware of a few DIY online resources that are available for makers. So I challenged myself to just build something and ship it over the last weekend. And I am so GLAD to say I just did it.


Do Things That Don’t Scale, a collection of unscalable startup hacks crowdsourced from real founders.

My favorite part about this experiment is that I had been dwelling on an another idea for weeks and it simply wasn’t piquing my interest. One day (5 days ago!) I was riding MARTA and this new idea suddenly occurred to me. And seemed pretty interesting. So I built it.

I would love to hear your feedback/comments and please share this if you think others in your network might find value in it. Thank you.

I am planning to share this with the Product Hunt community on Tuesday. Stay tuned!

a picture from when I first scribbled about this idea in my notebook, Nov 6th

a picture from when I first scribbled about this idea in my notebook, Nov 6th