Genius is having the patience of a child.

I’ve written previously that if you want to be good at something, start by turning it into a simple habit.

But after a while, once the habit is fully formed and you have reached a decent potential, there’s tendency to stop at what the world might consider “acceptable”.

That’s totally fine if you have no further desire to get better at that skill and don’t want to be defined by your work.

However, if you are still insatiably hungry and want to understand how great makers/artists/creators access that genius to keep producing remarkable work, the answer points to one simple word: Patience.

Look at Apple and Nike for example. They have been consistently unmatched in the way they design and develop their products, websites, retail stores, marketing and advertising.

The rest of the industry’s bar is not the finish line to those but only a goal post in the journey.

Great people are the yardstick of quality themselves. They live and breathe in a whole different league. They soar way above the ground like eagles, lonely in their pursuit of excellence.

“Creativity is people who care enough to keep thinking about something until they find the simplest way to do it.”

- Tim Cook

But how do they do that?

What kind of genius oat meal are they eating for breakfast?

As I said above, the answer is in having extreme patience.

In Zen, it is called the beginner’s mind.

Patience largely depends on the self-talk you give yourself during the task at hand.

Am I going to stop when I’m tired and move on?

Am I going to match the bare essential expectations of people around me?

Am I missing out on any fun outside activities as I’m slaving away at this task?


Am I going to do my best work today?

Am I going to put my name to this excellent piece of work?

Am I going to delight a user like never before through this?

For many of us, unboxing an Apple product or putting on our first Nike sweatshirt is not just any trivial event. It’s a moment forever etched in our sub conscious memory. It’s an experience carefully crafted by these incredible geniuses.

Those who genius is analogous to the patience of a child learning to walk.