The meaning you give life is really your life.

Do you allow life to run you?

Often times we as humans tend to blame our problems on everyone and on everything external.

Most importantly, we never take responsibility on how we feel.

How you feel is absolutely under your control. It is tightly wound to your attitude, optimism and enthusiasm about life at large. If you are running on empty, filling up your tank with a sense of hope is also under your control.

We decide what meaning we give to every moment/memory in our life.

We DO NOT decide what shows up. But we do decide how we show up.

Bob Marley once said: “Some people feel the rain. Other people just get wet.”

Some people drudge through life, they barely get by and get trapped in a pit of sorrow and despair when circumstances become tough. While others make the most of it. They appreciate the little things that make a huge difference in their life.

Does life happen to you or does life happen for you?

The answer you give to that question will shape your mental state.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason that benefits you in some way? Including the painful or challenging things?

Or do you believe life is hard and you are at the mercy of a little thing called “luck”?

What if every painful experience in your life was actually sent to benefit you?

To make you stronger,

To make you wiser,

To make you better.