The balance.

I've been writing a lot about being in the moment and accepting reality as is.

There's a subtle corollary to that theory though.

You can't use this method as an excuse to not get better.

You can't use this method to be a couch potato and ignore your goals and dreams.

Being present is about being busy doing your thing. Whatever that may be.

And if you are someone who has high career/spiritual goals, you can't sit there and waste your valuable time doing things that are not paving the way for a better future.

Life is the delicate balance between content and discontent.

The push and pull.

You absolutely have to be content and grateful with what you got but still have a slight desire to improve and get better. Desire for a higher achievement brings discontent in the present which inspires you to work harder.

The trick is to be occupied "doing" something rather than the internal debate and dwelling. Don't be stuck in the analysis paralysis.

Plus find ways to improve your game at least by 1% every day or week.

If what you love doing naturally benefits others, this is even better. Do more of this.