Your bar shouldn't be your barrier.

A few people strongly believe in perfecting things.

They believe in the ideal, the principle and the philosophy of quality so obsessively. It is ingrained deep in their DNA and they can’t let an average looking product out into the market.

It could be a song they are creating on an iPad, or a video they are making for the Youtube audience, or a creative ad poster for the local music festival, or a blog post on Medium.

They crave to make it better. Nicer. Prettier. Any idea that’s not remarkable is unwelcome.

Simply put, their bar and standard for excellence is so high up in the sky.

I am all game for such levels of matchless excellence. I must know since I myself crave dearly to create something that lasts, that excels, that inspires people every day. But here’s the catch:

You can’t be perfect on day 1. Differently put, you will suck on day 1. 

Yes, no matter where you come from, what your educational background is, what your talent level is, you will suck big time in your first attempt. Now, what are you going to do about that? Will you sit back and say, may be, some other time, I’ll find better resources or better mindset to launch a perfect product? Nope!

Keep your bar high, sure, but let that not be a barrier of progress. The only way the legends have done it so perfectly is by practice. Not by luck or getting it right the first time.

The Indian cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar didn’t start his career with 10,000 runs and went to 0. He began with 0 and broke every record with practice and laser-like focus.

Perfection is the after-effect of perseverance.

Quality is the servant of practice.

Excellence is the finish line. Not the pre-requisite to start a marathon.

You know what’s the pre-requisite to start a marathon? Having the guts to admit that you know nothing and yet leaping forward!