Real artists ditch the sidelines and ship.

Steve Jobs famously said; “Real artists ship”.

He was referring to the fact that everyone has ideas, but real artists deliver on them or simply put — ship them.

It takes courage to get into the arena. You’ll fall, fumble and make a fool of yourself. Heck, you might not even be ready.

But that’s the only way to get to a place where you can serve people.

Sharing a carefully curated opinion on how things should be is not very useful to people unless there’s risk and effort involved.

That was my biggest challenge. I’ve been in the slump and it’s no fun sitting around and plotting on how to make plays.

It’s go time now. Time to put those lessons to practice and actually build/do something.

“I think the future will not belong to those who are cynical or those who stand on the sidelines.”— Paul Wellstone

It’s time for something more. I am ready to embrace the effort and risk. Make a statement through action, not words or thoughts.

Last night, I took an oath. I decided to change my identity from “a strong opinion holder” to a “maker.”

Someone who is willing to learn to actually build and ship products on my own. Despite being a non-technical founder. Maybe, I’ll initially suck at building products but given a simple enough scope I should be able to bring all my ideas to market. It’s 2018. There are tons of resources and programs willing to help but I’ve had to make the choice first. I did. And just joined NewCo, an online program built to help people launch their ideas with or without code by a terrific maker himself Ben Tossell. I’m ready to learn not through sharing opinions or mock-ups but by building scrappy yet simple products that people can actually use.

I hope you’ll follow me along in this new adventure about which I’ll be posting about on my Twitter. Thank you & as you can tell, I’m super excited!