30,000 mornings.

That’s roughly the gap between your first and the last sleep.

And if you are in your early/mid twenties, strike off a 10,000 from it.

So, this is all we got. Our time on the planet. Our presence in this world.

The universe wasn’t born with you, and will likely NOT die with you. It will thus exist even without you. And so do the billions of people in it.

Now, do you really have the time to worry about how people are judging you? And do you really have the time to keep complaining how no one’s liking you?

Perhaps we can’t wake up every morning with a fresh body, but we can with a fresh mind. Fill it with thoughts of how you would like to spend the day on things that matter to you. I emphasize again, ON THINGS THAT MATTER TO YOU. 

Leave the excuses, complaints, worries in your trash bag and step out to a beautiful morning. With a spring in your step. And a fire in your belly.

Live the life you imagine. Nothing less. Nothing else. Chase every dream you have. Fulfill every passion of yours. Transform into someone bigger than just a name. Be a person who not just lived but mattered. If possible to millions, or at the least to even 1 other human being.

You can’t change the number 30,000 perhaps. But you can change every morning into something spectacular.