What's your unique wow feature?

Product makers & mangers, here’s how you can create truly engaging products.

Look to create ONE unique/stand out feature in your solution that wows first time users and leads to a super quick positive feedback loop. (i.e. it should draw a sense of awe when the user performs the task in your feature) That’s how you can hack into human habits and stand the test of time. The rest is details.

Examples of wow features in popular products:
-Tinder swipe
-Snap (and later Instagram) stories
-Dropbox sync to cloud
-Nike+ running map
-Vine record by press&hold

More examples in this incredible collection here.

The WOW feature is the one that fundamentally changes the way people do something and can usually be derived by going back to the first principles and questioning how everything has been presented thus far.

For ex: Every other dating app has been presenting the list of “matches” like a search list with tappable links until Tinder came around and asked why should we do the same. What if the list was a series of profile cards which the user can swipe left or right on?

What else? What are some other examples of your favorite products getting the WOW feature right?