Shipping Paralysis

Ship like you don't have a shame gene.

Your work isn't real until it's out there in the market being used by real people. The longer you take to release your product (book, blog, portfolio etc) the safer you are training your mind to be. In stead, embrace the f*ck ups. Embrace failure. Wear it like a badge. Your real success should be your 9th startup. Not your 1st or 2nd. Have the hunger to last that long. 

There is no dignity in hiding behind your failure. Embrace it, suck it up and move on. Almost everyone in the world who isn't changing the world is saving face. They are not building things fast enough, not shipping fast enough because they want perfect. They want a home run on their first hit. It is a misery if you expect that. Instead, be bold and experiment at an amazing pace.