Results? What if you lived life like they don't matter?


All we want is results. All the time.

In an exam, in an interview, in a date, in a prayer, in a relationship. Everywhere.

We complete our act and believe that life must fairly weigh us and the results should favor us. In a way, we are all over attached with the results  part of a deed.

Yeah, this partially makes sense, because results decide our fate. Either a simple ‘yes’ or 'no’ can change your life forever.

But unfortunately, the fact is, no-matter how much you flutter, the result is never in your hands. It’s a complex polynomial equation with so many parameters that you wouldn’t even know.

It might take a year for you to write a screenplay, paint an oil-canvas, author a book, shoot an album or invent an app. But people won’t know. And they won’t care. So attaching your happiness to their often unpredictable  judgement of your work is a bizarre decision.

What’s easier is to love your work.  Find your forte. Work on it. See yourself in it. Like carbon footprint, your work should have your mind print on it. A clear rubber stamp of YOU!

Disassociate with things you can’t control in life. Then you’ll have inner peace.

It aligns perfectly with what Krishna says in the below verse in Bhagavad Gita too,

“Karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachena, Karmaphalehtur bhurma te sangostvakarmani.”

It’s not the deed, it’s the “doing” that you should attach yourself to.