The Purple Cow

Your list speaks more about you than you can.

Next time you are thinking about who you are, shut up.

I mean, literally. Stop voicing your thoughts.

Take a pen and paper and make a list.

Its truly staggering how a simple list of things can be used to map your mind. It has the power to reinforce a sense of positive energy and hope about life.

But what should the list be about?

Don’t include your last month phone bills, student debts and credit card statements. We’re talking about you. Not your money.

Let the list be about your favorite places that you plan to visit. Or the favorite adventures you’d like to do in life. Or the most special people who have helped you be yourself. Or anything personal.

Here are two interesting list examples. [Jodi is another Seth Godin fan like me]

The items aren’t as important as much as the list itself. The act of gathering your thoughts and vision about life onto a single page is mesmerizing. When you finish writing the list, you’ll definitely find a pattern in that.

That is you. And anytime you forget yourself, go re-open the list again and it will speak to you distinctly.