The Purple Cow

Your biggest competitor is staring at you in your mirror.


Yes, exactly you. 

You are your biggest competitor and no one else. What you can do, what you are willing to do, no one else can. That is simply because, no one else thinks like you.

Steve Jobs didn’t have a roadmap when he started Apple. John Lennon didn’t predict his own future with Beatles. Neil Armstrong didn’t know how the moon was before he actually got there. They are unparalleled not because they were the best in their league, but because simply no one else could even imagine what they had imagined. No one else could dare to go that far.

We all have dreams, ambitions and goals. But instead of filling our hearts with confidence, hope and positivity, we are dumping it with fears and criticism. Yes, the world can be unfair to you, yes your competitor could have a better edge over you, but you know what?

Who cares?

Dust your chest from your inaction, shake away the scares, rise like a tide and go live your dream. Your exact dream in your exact way!