The Purple Cow

You will bite the dust one day.

Universally speaking, you are a dust particle. All your worries and insecurities about money, fame, love and hatred are utterly pointless.

You won’t live as long as a nearby hill did. You will bite the dust one day like every other man and woman who walked this Earth. 

Ask any astronomer, he will agree how ridiculous it is that we people on this planet fight with each other about things like religion and race.

“My race is better than yours. My God is the best god in the world”, we say.

So, when life itself is such a losing cause, where at the end, you will anyway die, what is the point of living?

This is not to drive you into hopelessness but to enrich your understanding and appreciation of what you already are. You are not an object like a stone. Or like the hill mentioned above.

You are a moving dynamo of energy. Yes, one day you might as well perish, but until that day, you are in motion. One day you can be in Canada being a writer, the other day in Sweden being a traveler. And another day you can be in India meditating with the yogis. And one day teaching science to little kids.

You can move where ever your heart takes you, igniting as many minds you can, loving as many hearts you can, creating as much peace as you can. Don’t be restricted by your fears, I beg you. That is doing total injustice to this beautiful gift called life.

Don’t be bound to a location. You may not travel to other planets, but within this beautiful planet, travel. Seek new adventures. New journeys that satisfy your soul and unleash a better you. Try and bring a meaning to your life. Touch as many lives as you can before the end finally arrives.

And when it does, like how a withered flower embraces change, be ready for that last phase without any fear. Because, you know you have not just existed, but lived a life. Lived a meaningful life.