The Purple Cow

You must be kidding yourself...

if you are thinking to start a career on something you think you are talented in. (or passionate about)

Most likely, it may only be a hobby. Like gardening or shoulder-massaging. 

What really differentiates the real potential career and your saturday hobby is the DEDICATION you have towards it.

The willingness to take the pain that might arise from failing at it, yet wanting to start over and master it.

That’s your real strength. Your real talent.

Just painting is totally different from painting your friend’s wall before next Thursday. Just photography is totally different from shooting pictures of that rare bird even when you are almost missing a train.Just singing is totally different from singing at your nephew’s birthday party attended by barely 5 adults.Just writing is totally different from writing an e-book/100 blogs in 3 months.

Everyone has a hobby. It’s good to have some. But don’t kid yourself thinking you are talented if you can’t bust your ass for that special thing.