The Purple Cow

You grave is not where you should be fearless.

It’s not when you are dead that you should be fearless, it’s when you are alive. The atoms in your body, the electrons inside them, the neurons transmitting calories of energy, the muscles that your blood is flexing, the liters of blood your heart is pumping are not afraid of what they are doing.

Then why are you afraid?

Why are you running away from what your dreams? Why are you chasing something so artificial which you were never born with to begin with: MONEY.

The temporary fame, the momentary money, the farcial safety your job promises aren’t worth your life. Your life can be much more than that. It deserves a purpose. It needs a meaning.

If standing on your ground means standing against the crowd, do it. If fulfilling your dreams means staying awake for a weak, do it. If building something wonderful, or learning something meaningful means defying your fears, do it.

You are born with everything that’s useful, your blood, intelligence, will power and bones. And not your fear. Let’s talk about it once you reach your grave, not before that.