The Purple Cow

You don't have to be special.

In my 4th grade, I met a shy kid on our school ground. I really liked him because he was exactly like me. Shy, confused, reluctant and ugly.

He was so shy that he didn’t wanna participate in sports; not for the fear of failure, but for the fear of mingling with the big shouldered folks who were considered “SPECIAL” or the so-called-stars.

Yet he loved running. So, he would come early to the ground and practice running like crazy. Evening too, he did his runs after the sessions. I never understood what he was doing. 

Yet he miraculously would come first every year in the 100-meter sprint.

When he ran, he told me, all that he cared was to have a good view of the finish line. And the best way to have that is to have no one ahead of him. So he ran. Faster. Than. Anyone.

He was actually an ordinary kid. But what was special was what he did.

Sometimes you don’t have to be special if what you are doing is.