The Purple Cow

You are utterly unqualified.

Let’s face it. There are some prodigies in this world. A few people who always get it right. A few people who are geniuses since birth. A people with standard qualifications to do something. 

Chances are you are NOT one of them. But how does it matter? 

The fun is in being unqualified. The thrill is in being unexpected for a certain role. Embrace that. Be aware of your background, but don’t beware the new endeavour or passion you wanna follow.

A qualification may just justify to the world about what you are doing. But the real passion will justify your soul. And that to me, is more important than anything. 

History is full of such incredible examples. Of people who weren’t supposed to do things that they did but eventually who changed the course of the world.

Remember, Orville Wright didn’t have a pilot licence. He just invented the damn aeroplane himself.