The Purple Cow

You are not in jail.

You are free. 

What a powerful and grateful state to be. But to make you realize and appreciate what you have, let me put the same statement in a different perspective.

You are free. You are not in jail.

And you have every right and reason to be thankful for that. Coz no matter how big your problems for today day look like, you are free. And that means, you can make things better. There is hope. Technically you should be happy. 

For 27 years, Nelson Mandela was put in jail for no apparent reason. He was locked in because he fought for justice. For truth. For equality. What we assume as natural human rights today had to be fought for during those days. He stood against all odds and spend almost his life-time in a prison for a cause. If someone had to feel hopeless, he should have. But he didn’t.

There is a lesson here. You don’t own all the problems in the world. There are much bigger hardships and unjust acts innocent people are being subjected to. So, don’t you frown a lot over silly things. Appreciate what you have. 

And have hope in your heart. Everything will fall in place. 

Click on this amazing poem below, “Invictus” written by William Ernest Henley, which Mandela read out to himself every single day he spent in jail. Seems like it worked for him to remember there is hope. It’s your turn now. Try it.