The Purple Cow

Yada Yada Yada!

That’s the story running in my mind.

Ofcourse, you won’t understand it. Exactly, like how I won’t ever understand yours. 

Each of us is narrating a story, a very unique story in our minds. We have our own success metrics, failure fears, peer pressures, taste of things and list of wishes. 

Sometimes we get bogged down too much by the weight we carry in our heads. Remember, there isn’t enough room for doubt but there’s always a door open for hope. Keep that door intact and open.

Welcome change like you welcome fresh air. 

Don’t be worried about controlling too many things in your own hands. You simply can’t. Just let them go. Detach yourself from the drab things. 

Yes, you are the voice-over for your movie running between your ears. Just make sure your story is of positivity and optimism.