The Purple Cow

Will you do it > Can you do it.

The most crucial question is not whether you can do it or not. 

But it is “are you willing to do it?”, and if yes, “how far would you go?”

The greater your character, the lesser excuses you will find to follow your dreams. 

Most of us have dreams, some are silly while some life-changing. We revise them as we go along in life, but the crux of most of them remain the same. If you love art, you will always love art. Perhaps the form and shape might change, but the fundamental love won’t. Similarly, if you love racing, the bikes and cars will differ but the actual affection towards the metal won’t.

And this list can go on and on from person to person. 

The unfortunate climax is when you can’t follow your heart, when you give up on your dreams, when you break up with your ambitions, thinking that you CANT DO IT.

That’s the trap. Its not really about your physical or mental skillsets actually, but if you dare enough to sacrifice a lot, you eventually will do it. Day by day. By overcoming your worst fears slowly yet steadily.

Ralph Waldo Emerson brilliantly explains this when he says:

“They can conquer who believe they can. He has not learned the first lesson is life who does not every day surmount a fear.”