The Purple Cow

Why you are NOT superior to anyone else.

Because you are not. 

No one, infact including the highly adored Einstein or the Tesla are any superior to the little farmer producing corn in his fields. Or to anyone working hard to make a difference in this world.

Ask any legendary figure and the first thing they’ll tell you is how incredibly ordinary they are. Perhaps their vision and their actions could be big but they act small. Because they are.

No one is bigger than anyone else. We all have the same energy, the same molecules and the same breath. So, stop comparing yourself with those people around you, negative or positive, and move ahead.

If you have to battle against someone, be it you yourself. Fight with your complacency, your laziness, your inaction, your fears and your prejudice. Be more open, more welcoming, more forgiving, and more loving. It isn’t easy, and that is exactly why you aren’t any superior.

We all are humans and that’s exactly what we will all be.