The Purple Cow

Why time is such an irrelevant thing?

When you are working on your passion, don’t count time in seconds. No, I’m not suggesting you should go onto a different planet where there are different time units but consider this.

Why should a day be only 24 hours? When it should be about 2 remarkable blogs.

Why should a week be only 7 days? When it should be about 1 incredible painting.

Why should a month be only 30 days? When it should be about one gripping screenplay.

Why should a semester be only 120 days? When it should be about 1 revolutionary app.

When you put your heart into your work, you forget SHOULD forget time.

The work you love might take longer than any logical sense, but it will enhance you and keep you in great spirits. Every artist/creative should be well equipped with patience, because nothing that was worth building was ever built in a milli second.