The Purple Cow

Why should you chase your dreams?


In your college you may have wanted to become a rapper, in your 20’s you may have wanted to start a T-shirt brand, in your early 30’s you may have wanted to direct a film, in your late 40’s you may have wanted to move to Australia, in your 55th year you may have wished to open a vineyard, in your 60s you may have wondered if you could set up a school in your home-town, and suddenly it’s 72 and you are months away from dying. What else can you do but to remember your dreams and regret that you couldn’t live any/many of them?

You may have earned a fortune by then, but that’s a very poor life. A life without fulfillment and bliss. Everyone yearns for pleasures at the beginning. That awesome iPhone, that fast car, that beautiful mansion, that million dollars. Society entices you to give up what you dream in exchange for a few of these pleasures. You will be happy, they say. But you won’t. 

After 6 months, it will all fade away. And suddenly you are locked in a vicious loop of earning and living for someone else. You will go to office and spend horrible amounts of time on something that you don’t even care. That may be how you get paid. But that’s not how you live a life.

Life is so much more precious than following someone else’s life plan. It is a one-time opportunity to find what you love and live until you die on that one thing. It could be anything, sometimes it may look silly at the beginning, but if you really wish to pursue that, you should.

In third world countries like India where I come from, you are supposed to be either a doctor/engineer. You can’t change the norm and set the trend. All thought my teenage, I struggled to find what I love because of the deafening noise of expectations that other people set for me. But after coming to the US, I’ve examined myself deeply and stirred my conscience with questions about my passions. The answers came out. Your answers will come out as well.

And once you are sure of what you want to become, brave everything. Brave destiny. Wrestle with your fate. Tackle your circumstances and mould them into your strengths.

I am still trying to live my dreams. And I hope you do too.