The Purple Cow

Why most leaders are simple yet iconic?

Be it Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Dalai Lama, or Abhraham Lincoln, they are all unique in a certain way.

While they don’t exactly belong to the same time period, yet they were extremely unique in their appearance and style.

They looked different. They spoke different. They appeared different. 

Because, they thought very differently.

And that put them way ahead of the rest of their peers. They were absolutely matchless. They always behaved as if they were their own competition and never worried about the rest.

They focused more on their inner drive and did exactly what their heart believed in. For Steve Jobs it was Apple, for Dalai Lama it was Buddhism, for Lincoln it was abolishing slavery, and for Gandhi it was Indian Independence. They lived and died for what they believed in. And that itself makes them “different”.

At Sabarmati, in Gandhi’s ashram, there is a saying that hangs around even till date. I love it because it’s so simple yet iconic.