The Purple Cow

Why living a creative life is so hard?

No one seems to be happy when you say you want to be creative. 

Trust me, I’ve tried this with many people, including some of the closest and the nicest ones in my life.For some reason, they always think, I wanna end up on a road side shelter. 

Heck no! 

Being creative doesn’t equal being broke. Especially if you know your art well enough. And a few basics about what to charge for and how to charge for your art!

History has always painted a dark and gloomy picture for creative people. We’ve been brainwashed that your life will be full of misery, self-doubt and loneliness if you follow your passion. 

While I don’t care a dime about history but one thing I know that’s challenging in a creative field is if you attach yourself to your art too much. Sometimes, you just simply have to let it go, for a while. You can NOT always win. But that doesn’t mean you should listen to the naysayers and stop playing the game.

Risk, guts, failure and creativity are like a package. If you call seek one, you should be ready for the others too! 

For now, to let your creative juices flow, read this amazing booklet!