The Purple Cow

Which side are you looking at?

Long ago, I read about a young Japanese mechanic who had a dream.

He invented a piston ring that he hoped to sell to a big car company called ‘Toyota Corporation’.  

And by the way, he didn’t even have any formal education. He just had an idea and a passion.

He poured all the money and energy he had in his little garage building the piston ring.  When he presented his design to Toyota, everybody laughed at what he showed. They said it was impossible to make this design work.

This young man went back to his workshop and re-engineered the whole thing. The new design was fantastic and finally Toyota gave him a contract to build a piston factory.

But a strange thing happened. World War II broke out and his factory was bombed. He was devastated yet he pulled himself together and hoped to salvage the remains. And then an earthquake hit a nearby area and destroyed everything.

This young man had the worst circumstances ever.  But he never complained.  He never gave up. He gathered courage and started to re-create his dream again.   

75 years later, now he is regarded as Japan’s greatest engineer.


Yes, he was the founder of Honda Motor Company, one of the largest automobile companies in the world.

Remember, the moment you believe that you are stronger than your fate, your life will change. There are times in life where you will feel you are lost, defeated and devastated. Be ready to embrace those moments. Trust your guts and go in the direction of your dreams, no matter what. Like a coin, every event in life has two sides to it. You can either look at the dark side and give up on your dreams or look at the bright side and forge ahead.

Alfred, the closest mentor of Batman in the movie “Batman Begins” condenses this attitude into a simple sentence and says, 

“Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”