The Purple Cow

When you ain't got nothing...

…you got nothing to lose, said Bob Dylan in his soul-punching song “Like a Rolling Stone”.

How deeply true that is! 

Ask yourself hard, what is that one thing you can claim yours?

Nothing. Not even your breath. It’s not in your hands. 

We are all born naked, and clearly, that’s how we will end up eventually. 

The over-hyped words like money, luxuries, reputations, page-3 parties, celebrity crushes, bragging rights, bank savings, tech gagdets, and even our most beloved ones. None of these things are going to stay the eternity of time. 

But what could stay is the difference you make in someone else’s life, the energy you bring to every place you go, the history you create doing something remarkable, and the legacy you leave after you are gone.

Now, can we just start working on these crucial things. ONLY?