The Purple Cow

When was the last time you were a super human?

Our pop culture has introduced to us some incredible super humans like The Batman, The Iron Man, The Superman, and so on.

It appears though as if you have to have special powers to be a super human. We think these folks are all gifted with talent. Or magic.

But the reality is you don’t have to jump ropes, crawl over buildings, or fly in the sky to be a super human. You simply have to be something beyond an average human.

Think back in time, recollect your past memories, dig deep down, and you’ll find that you HAVE CERTAINLY DONE REMARKABLE THINGS in your life.

Atleast a few of them. Which weren’t easy. Which required great grit. Which required you to be with enormous focus and confidence.¬†

Be like that again.  Brave, bold, dashing and extra-ordinary.

Not because, you have to, but because it’s the only thing worth remembering in your life. Your guts!