The Purple Cow

What's better than making money?



And a third thing.

There are nobler, higher and worthier pursuits than just chasing money. 

But, unfortunately, for most of us, money gets to decide what we want to become.

Our mouths lead us to places where our minds have to starve.   

Think about it. Goose-hunt the cash, I’m not against it, but don’t get into a rat race where you end up with something that can’t satiate your soul.

Haha, big words. Soul and Satiate. 

A ferrari and a gucci bag are more tangible and understandable, your mind says.

That’s why you want to run after them. But ask your heart, most likely, it values other things.

Things that are intangible, things that are incredible, things that are invaluable.

Like peace, happiness, joy, sacrifice, inspiration, hope, positive energy and love.

Can you describe your life to someone without having to use the number of zeros in your salary? If no, don’t bother calling your life, a life.

The third thing  I wanted to mention above is the answer to my title.

“What’s better than making money?”

A difference.

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